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Individual Therapy

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50-minute individual session:  $85

Life is difficult and some seasons of life can feel unbearable. Whatever season you are currently in, therapy can be beneficial.  If you are suffering from severe anxiety, grieving a loved one, having a hard time processing trauma, or moving past a breakup or divorce, therapy can help.  If you’re in a season of life where most things are going well but you feel like you’re still struggling in areas you can’t put your finger on, therapy can help. 


My motto is, “No matter how much you think you have it all together, you can still benefit from therapy”.  


If you are willing to put in the work, as your therapist, I will help you process through life’s toughest challenges by teaching you healthy coping skills, helping you to understand the events that have caused your struggles, empowering you with the skills to take control of negative thoughts and mindsets that have been holding you back. If you’ve been taught by others that you are unlovable and worthless, we will work together to unlearn the false views you have of yourself. 


If you’re reading this, you have already taken that first crucial step.  I honor your bravery and desire for change.  When you’re ready, send me a message, and let’s get started. 

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