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Couples Therapy

  • Does it feel like your marriage is all about keeping score of who does what?

  • Is it hard to have healthy, civil conversations?

  • Do you feel like you no longer recognize the person you fell in love with?

  • Do you feel that you’ve reached a breaking point and there’s no way to save your relationship?

Relationships take work.


I’m sure that’s not a surprising statement but it may be surprising just how much work it takes to have a strong and healthy relationship.  As your therapist, I’ll support you in implementing strategies to improve your communication, develop a deeper understanding of one another, work on your own self-awareness and personal growth, and allow each other to be individuals who deserve love, affection, respect, and grace from their partner. 


It will be a challenge; it will, at times, be difficult.  But there is hope for saving your relationship if you are both ready to dig in and do the work.

For two hearts to be connected, there must be a place to share feelings when one feels safe. Many couples find that defensiveness, attack, blame, judgment, pulling away, anger and other bad things happen in their relationship when they share what is in their heart, so they just stop doing it. They have little hope for resolving a conflict or being heard. They give up honest sharing with each other. -Henry  Cloud

50-minute couple session:  $100

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